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Benvenuti alla homepage di LO$ER & LO$ER!
Vítejte na stránkách LO$ER & LO$ER!
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Welkom bij
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Bine ai venit la LO$ER & LO$ER!
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Willkommen in
LO$ER & LO$ER homepage!
Bem vindo á página LO$ER & LO$ER!
Velkomin á heimasíđu LO$ER & LO$ER!
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( for slovak audience
Useless book
Useless Book
everything you ever wanted to have in your bookshelf, but then you discovered you don`t have a bookshelf at all.
This rules!
Things, that make us go "oooh!".
This sucks!
Things, that make us go "poooh!".

Take part in our massive contest
and loose a trip for two to the shores
of the legendary Balaton Lake in Hungary!!!
a couple of really weird things.
You better take a look at this yourself and write us, so we can have a opinion at last...
E.G.O. - Everybody`s Got one...
EGO - Everybody`s got one.
And there are such people among us, who think one`s not enough.
Read Peter Bilak`s shocking coming out and wonder.


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your whole life may change.
You are a forgotten genius (yes you are!) and we`re the only ones who care.
So don`t waste your time anymore.

Tell it to us. And even better, write it down.
All the secret ideas, all the spiritual wealth that you carry around hidden deep inside of your powerful mind.
We are here to listen, pal!

Do it right now.

After all, it`s good for your ego.

(And don`t get persisted by the slovak menu - we are looking forward to read your words of wisdom!)
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it may happen that we`ll recieve a fe-mail from You with the subject NEW. In such case You will secure yourself a rare shipment of boring informations from our doubious loser`s life. Suddenly, You will know, whats new on our site full of pretentious intelectual entertainment for the whole family. Soon, You`ll find out how similar is our lifestyle to the one of your`s!!! After a short time You will start to think Your one of us, You will look more and more similar to us, one day You`ll move to a block of flats and get killed by a operating mixer, that will fall into your bath unfortunately.
That`s all we can promise to You, folks.
That should be enough, anyway.
It`s for free and that1s always good.

Try this at home!

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